THE Concrete Reinforcement Solution.

Wildfibre is a high strength Polypropylene Monofilament designed for high performance secondary concrete reinforcement. Wildfibre is the alternative to expensive and labor intensive steel reinforcement. Wildfibre is THE “Bone Shaped” fiber concept engineered at the Los Alamos US National Labs. Wildfibre provides a mechanical anchor at both ends ensuring solid anchoring between the concrete matrix and the fiber. Wildfibre increases concrete durability making it more resistant to cracking, impact, abrasion and corrosion. In addition, Wildfibre adds toughness and strength making it desirable for applications ranging from hardened buildings, hi-ways, bridges, runways, industrial floors and dams to applications for the do-it-yourself contractor for decorative overlays, slabs and foundations. The increase in concrete strength and crack resistance can allow for thinner applications, decreasing project costs. Wildfibre is added at specified dosages directly to a ready mix truck or mixer. Unlike rebar, wire mesh and other traditional reinforcement methods, Wildfibre requires no handling or positioning and it is safer and less costly.

Wildfibre’s Simple Formula


Add Wildfibre to your concrete to reduce and in some applications eliminate rebar, fibermesh, and costly fiber alternatives and you will save money as well as increase the durability of your concrete. It’s that simple.